Essential Oil Favorites .jpg

Fractionated Coconut Oil // 10ml Glass Roll-on Bottles // Jojoba Oil // Oil & Glass Book // 2oz Spray Bottles // 1oz Dropper Bottles // Cricut Label Maker // Wool Dryer Balls // 16oz Spray Bottles // Epsom Salt

I get asked all the time where to get supplies you might need/ want to use with your essential oils! Here are some of my favorites:

Fractionated Coconut Oil // I use this as the carrier oil for all of my roller bottles.

10ml Glass Roll-on Bottles // My favorite roller bottles!

Jojoba Oil // I use this to make my glow serum I use on my face every single night!

Oil & Glass Book // This book has tons of DIY recipes to get you started!

2oz Spray Bottles // I love making room sprays, facial toners, & bug spray in these.

1oz Dropper Bottles // I use these to make my glow serum in! They are so pretty & frosted.

Cricut // I absolutely love Cricut! I use this to make labels for my roller, spray, & dropper bottles! I only use Oracle 651 vinyl for my labels, its semi permanent & comes in a ton of colors.

Wool Dryer Balls // I have ditched traditional dryer sheets & exclusively use wool dryer balls. I have used the same 6 for over a year now and they’re going strong! I put a safety pin on one to keep my clothes from getting static cling.

16oz Spray Bottles // My favorite bottles to make Thieves Household Cleaner in!

Epsom Salt // I love taking my empty essential oils bottles & soaking them in Epsom salts to infused them with EO’s. My current favorite is lavender and peace & calming for all the relaxing vibes!