Workout Essentials

Yoga Ball // Apple Watch // Booty Bands // Air Pods // Wrist Weights // Kettle Bell // Yoga Mat // Sliders // Water Bottle

I am loving working out at home & don’t think I’ll be going back to a gym! I love the ease of “fitting in” a quick workout into my day and not having to drive 10 minutes to the gym. If you’re anything like me and loving your at- home workouts, here is what I’ve been using.


Yoga Ball // I love using a yoga ball for my core workouts! There are so many videos that show you different balance techniques to get a

Apple Watch // I have used an Apple Watch for 3 years now to track my daily steps & workouts. I would be lost without it! I love that it motivates me to get up and move a little bit each hour & helps me get 30 minutes of exercise in each day. If you’ve debated buying one, I definitely recommend!

Booty Bands // I never knew how much I would love a good booty band haha! I definitely feel a difference when I wear one vs not. I love this set because it has different intensities (easy to difficult) so you can slowly increase the resistance!

Air Pods // My favorite for running outside or on the treadmill! I have other wireless headphone and nothing compares to the quality of Air Pods.

Wrist Weights // I am not the biggest fan of holding weights in my hands while I workout, I always feel like I’m going to drop them! I love wearing wrist weights when I do an arms video because I get the same burn as with weights but without the worry!

Kettle Bell // I love doing body weight squats to tone my legs & booty. I’ve recently added in a kettle bell to hold during my squats & I’m loving it! Such an easy way to turn things up a notch!

Yoga Mat // I’ve used this yoga mat for every single workout I do at home! It is very cushy & makes kneeling on hard surfaces easy! The best part is that Manduka yoga mats get better with age & are super easy to clean.

Sliders // I love a good Sculpt Society workout & sliders are used a ton in their videos. Not only do sliders makes your legs burn, you also get a great booty workout!

Water Bottle // It is so important to stay hydrated throughout and after your workouts. Most people only replace 50% of fluids lost during a workout. I have found having a cute water bottle of drink from that ACTUALLY keeps your water cold has helped me stay hydrated. Untitled designSculpt Society // This is by far my FAVORITE workout app! Megan is super upbeat & always coming out with new videos! She makes working out fun and the exercises are easy to follow along too. She also does dance cardio classes which are so much fun to follow along too! I used to be a cheerleader & I love being able to dance again in my workouts!

Walking outside // Since the “stay at home” order has been affect, I have been going on a lot more walks outside. I love being able to get out of the house and get some fresh air with my dogs.

Running // I will admit, I am not a fan of running on the treadmill but sometimes thats the only option if its raining. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I have been going out and running around my neighborhood & its so therapeutic. Being in the fresh air, running at your own pace, and listening to your favorite playlist has become my favorite stress relieving activity.

Do you have a favorite at- home workout routine? Leave it in the comments below and I’d love to give it a try!

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