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Why I got started with essential oils

Essential oils are a huge part of my life & were a total game changer for me, and I wanted to share why & how I use them in my home.

Over three years ago, when I was starting my third year of college. I became frustrated with not being able to sleep, lots of stress, constantly feeling “blah” & could never relax. I knew about oils, but never felt like I knew enough to give them a try. I was looking for options for natural wellness & relaxation, and alternatives to products I was using that contained harmful chemicals.

I decided to order an essential oil starter kit from Young Living (all of the most commonly used oils & a diffuser) and started navigating my way through using them. I was pretty cautious at first, and I did quite a bit of research & asked a ton of questions, but, now I cannot live without them!! I still very much believe in modern medicine but I love that I have found a natural solution for so many things! Yes, I still have products in my house that aren’t necessarily “all natural” but I felt this was the right step towards a healthier life. For example, I support my immune system with thieves oil, or, promote a good nights sleep with lavender oil in my diffuser. I also love making my own essential oil infused sugar scrubs & homemade rollerballs for seasonal sniffles.

If you don’t use oils & are interested, you can learn more here!

Also, come join me over on my instagram @alwaysalexinsta where I have covered how to use every oil inside your starter kit, my favorite diffuser blends, what products I’m currently loving, DIY recipes, and so much more!!

I hope you’ll join me & I know you’ll love it just as much as I do! XO


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