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House Projects in 2022

We are ringing in the new year with tons of home projects! I thought it would be fun to list all of the projects I’ve been dreaming up and check them off as we go!

Some of the smaller projects include:

Our living room just got a new rug that I’m OBSESSED with! But I do think we need some fun throw pillows & another floor plant to complete this cozy space.

The light fixture above our dinning room table is a little out dated and definitely not centered in the room. So we will be changing that out for something more modern, yet cozy!

The kitchen has some fun updates in the works! We plan on changing out the cabinet hardware, updating the backsplash to fit our style, maybe some new pendant lights above our island, & a new sink faucet!

Our third bedroom, turned office will be getting a new desk & chairs, fun new artwork on the walls, and some much needed organizers in the closet.

And lastly- I am on the hunt for the perfect antique night stands for our bedroom. Oh and a new light/ fan to complete our bedroom!

We have two bigger projects, both of which I am VERY excited for!

Both of our bathrooms are basically builders grade (it feels like I’m walking down a Home Depot aisle in there haha) so we will be updating them! I plan on starting in our first floor bath – it’s a lot smaller and will be less work than our upstairs bathroom. I plan on updating all the fixtures to gold and repainting the walls a true white. In our main bathroom- I’m hoping to update the vanity to something with drawers (I had no idea how useful drawers in your bathroom are), definitely a new mirror & light, and I’m still deciding on what color I want to paint the walls… maybe some wallpaper if Dane lets me!

The outside of our house is getting the biggest makeover this year! When we bought our home in July it had yellow siding and the landscaping was pretty neglected… We plan on redoing the landscaping first and if I get my wish we will either paint or reside the house! Finger crossed!! I envision a light grey home with pretty white windows, beautiful peonies & hydrangeas, and string lights hanging above our patio! I basically want to spend the entire spring/ summer living out there!

Looking at this list is getting me SO excited for the new year and what’s to come! I know it seem like a lot but I absolutely love home projects & transforming a space into a place I love! I have been trying to figure out what to call my style and I’ve settled on- cozy/ anthropologie/ coffee shop/ modern meets grandmas house. If that makes any sense at all!

I feel like our home is 70% complete (or at least that’s what I tell Dane)! I love that we are starting off the year with a list of projects we want to complete and that 12 months from now I’ll be able to look back at how much we’ve accomplished!


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