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Happy Healthy Hair

I have been struggling for what seems like FOREVER to get my hair to grow and look healthy. I knew I wanted my hair to look happy and healthy but I didn’t know which products would get me there. You all know I have been trying to eliminate products with hard chemicals and toxins in them so when I did a little research this is what I found!

Fast forward to March 2021. I started adding 3 products to my daily routine and the results are AMAZING! My hair has not only grown, it looks so healthy! I recently got my hair cut and my hair stylist could not believe how well taken care of my hair was! She was blown away at how healthy and happy my hair looked. She even said to keep up with whatever I was doing because it is working! ! That’s probably the best compliment a girl could recieve!

This routine has completely transformed my hair!

Ready for AMAZING healthy hair? YAY, here’s what you’ll need!

Step 1: select “happy hair” bundle

Step 2: select yes or no for the customizable monthly box (this is something you can opt out of at a later time, or continue to enjoy picking out your own products and earning points back towards free things)- click here to learn more about our loyalty program

Step 3: set up your next months order if you selected yes on step 2 (some of my favorite products are at the bottom of this page with their # so you don’t have to search for anything if you don’t want to!

Step 4: click “add more products”

This is where you will search or type in the items #’s I’ll provide for you for the hair things I’ve mentioned! +ningxia red 2 bottles #3042 + sulfurzyme supplement #3243 or #3241 + mirah hair oil #23705

Step 5: once you’ve grabbed all your new favorite items, click “check out”. This will bring you to the first page you started, just simply scroll all the way down and hit “next”

Step 6: fill in your info, and double check the you see my unique number in the sponsor and enrolled fields

1 2 7 0 3 1 9 2

This ensures that we are connected once you’ve placed your order! That way I can make sure you’re taken care of with the best resources around!

Some of my other favorite items:

thieves household cleaner #3743

thieves dish soap #5350

thieves laundry soap #5349

charcoal bar soap #23799

mint satin facial scrub #20454

cbd beauty boost #32953

lavender essential oil #3575

frankincense essential oil #3548

orange essential oil #3602

grapefruit essential oil #3560

sulfurzyme powder #3241

life 9 #18299

grapefruit lip balm #5178


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