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Clean Beauty Products I’m Loving

Anyone else love glowing skin but want to stay away from as many toxins as possible? Good, me too! I love a good skincare routine but I was shocked at how many hidden chemicals and fragrance are hiding in our beauty products.

Primally Pure Deodorant // I have searched high and low to find an all natural, “good for you” deodorant that ACTUALLY works! I have been using the Geranium Primally Pure Deodorant for 3 months now and all I can say is that I am OBSESSED with how well it works! So it is a deodorant, which helps you not stink but still allows you too sweat. You body needs to sweat in order to get rid of toxins and cool down on a hot day. I love that I can read the ingredients and know exactly what I am putting on my body!

Young Living Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil // This has changed my hair game! My hair is normally very frizzy and dry from all the heat I use on it. I recently started using the Mirah Hair Oil on the ends of my hair and I am shocked at how little frizz I have! I apply it from the middle to ends of my hair after I style it. The smell is very sweet and subtle and the bottle will last forever, a little goes a long way! **If you decide you need this in your life too, make sure you enter in my referral number (#12703192) so I can get you plugged into our team’s exclusive resources so you can learn how to use your new product!**

OleHenriksen Truth Banana Bright Eye Cream // I originally tired this product along with their Truth Serum to bring some much needed Vitamin C to my skin. (If you’ve never research the benefits of Vitamin C on your skin, definitely check it out here!). It brightens, reduces the look of dark circles, and color corrects giving your skin a glowing look! I really feel that my dark circles have reduced since using this daily!

Savvy Minerals Poppy Seed Lip Scrub // YOU NEED THIS, FRIENDS! When Young Living came out with this lip scrub a few years ago, I have always had it on hand to combat dry lips! I like to use it on my ‘self care’ nights, sipping wine, and treating my lips to a little TLC. This gentle exfoliant conditions and moisturizes lips and makes for the perfect application of lip gloss or lip stick! Prepare to be pampered!

DIY Glow Serum // I love a good DIY and this is probably my #1 favorite! I have struggled for years trying to find the perfect skincare products for my sensitive, acne prone skin. When I stumbled into essential oils back in 2017, I started using Frankincense on my skin every night and saw a HUGE change in my skins texture and appearance! Ever since then I’ll never go back to store bought skincare products! I like to change up the essential oils I use in my Glow Serums but I always always have Frankincense and Lavender Young Living Essential Oils in there because they both support blemish prone & oily skin and dark spots, all things I always need help with! **If you decide you need this in your life too, make sure you enter in my referral number (#12703192) so I can get you plugged into our team’s exclusive resources so you can learn how to use your new product!**

My current DIY Glow Serum Recipe:

20 drops Frankincense EO

20 drops Lavender EO

20 drops Geranium EO

10 drops Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood EO

Add all drops to a 2oz glass dropper bottle and top off with Jojoba Oil

**I only recommend and use Young Living Essential Oils because the quality is unmatched. I cannot speak for other essential oils and companies. Check out Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise here to see why I choose them <3

If you’re curious why I chose Young Living read about it here!

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you buy something through those links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!  


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